Student Sponsorship


The Middle School and High School Sponsorships

When Hands United For Children (HUFC)  visited Saponé in 2013, some of the students shared their dreams to become nurses, teachers or engineers. Our role is to ensure they have the means to succeed and reach their goals.

Providing Financial Aid

We are in direct contact with Marcel Sawadogo, the health and social worker. He is responsible of managing the application process for HUFC. Each school year the parents have to fill out an application to become eligible for financial aid. Also a social investigation is required. There is only one public K6 to 12 school in the Saponé county and the yearly cost is 26,000XOF ($52). There are two private K6 to 12 schools and their yearly costs are 52,000XOF ($104).

HUFC provides 50% of the costs of tuition, uniform, lunches, library and school supplies.

Marcel follows up with the children regularly throughout the school year and he receives a copy of the report cards. Hands United for Children requires an average C grade to continue giving  the financial aid.

The Results

Our help is paying off!

  • In 2015-2016: Hands United for Children is sponsoring 30 children.
  • In 2014-2015: HUFC sponsored 31 children. Among the 8 children who are not re-enrolled, some went to trade schools and others stopped school after receiving their high school diplomas.
  • In 2013-2014: HUFC sponsored 39 children with 3 graduating from high school. Two students are enrolled at the university in Ouagadougou thanks to the government financial aid. To be eligible, the students must be less than 22 years old.
  • In 2012-2013: HUFC sponsored 31 children with 3 graduating from high school.
  • One female student, Nikiema Sibdou Zoziane, became a teacher in 2012.