Matilde Montoya

Matilde was 16 years old when she started her first job as a receptionist at Bay Club Carmel Valley in 2005. At the age of 18 she was promoted as the front desk Director. “I felt very excited and honor to have huge responsibilities at such a young age”.  After 3 years Matilde was offered a sales position at Bay Club Carmel Valley. Shortly, she was the team leader of the sales department. “Every month we will get recognized if we met our monthly goals. I have always work very hard to learn as much as possible and not really expect anything in return but for my work to be valued”. Matilde received 14 awards for the number one sales during 2008-2012. Matilde then graduated from San Diego State University with studies in Marketing and Accounting on 2013.

Matilde and her parents will volunteer at the “Ciudad de Ángeles” in Tijuana, Mexico. “I remember visiting every weekend, we would make food at home and take it to the children. Seeing their faces full of happiness made my heart feel good. I loved the feeling of helping others and I knew this was something I want to do for the rest of my life”.

When Matilde met Agnes and learned about Hands United for Children she saw an opportunity to have a dream come true. “I was beyond happy and excited to be a part of this journey that is doing beautiful things for Children.  I want children to know that they do not stand alone that we are here to care, help, and teach them. With hard work and a great heart all dreams can come true and I feel that with Hands United for Children we will make all dreams come true”.

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