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Meet our Children’s Nature Retreat Foundation Team

Our mission is to support children in distressed situations through education, shelter, health and individual welfare.

Meet the Team

Executive Director

From her childhood in the south of France to becoming a start-up software executive in San Diego, Agnes’s drive has resulted in success at every organization in which she has been involved. Her consuming interest in her daughter’s education led her to chairmanship of the board of the international school her daughter attended, cementing her interest in the role of education in improving children’s lives.
Exposure to the mechanics of how education is actually delivered enlivened her concern in the quality gap between the education offered to the least privileged and that offered to the most privileged. Combined with her international sensibilities, the offer of leading Children’s Nature Retreat Foundation proved an irresistible draw, and her passion and results-oriented focus on ameliorating the poor opportunities available to those left behind by the world’s educational systems has energized the organization.

Her experience as a co-founder and VP of Sales of an Internet analytics company, involving a central role in capital management that helped fund the company, highlights her suitability to the role. She has recruited top-notch people to oversee the organization, and under her leadership as Executive Director Hands United has begun to make a meaningful difference in Africa and right here in San Diego.